• an analog China.

    I ran away from Vienna to China for a little while this winter, forgetting to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s and instead jumping into a whole new culture. I left my digital camera behind and brought my Canon AF-1 (which sadly broke in Xi’An en cours de route and is now getting fixed, so I …

  • Uno Møller (Team Me)

    Ah, the joy of spontaneity! Last November, as Team Me were in town for their first-ever Vienna show, I caught up with Mr. Uno (who I had not seen in two years!) and in-between some glasses of wine and a lot of laughter, we MacGyver-ed a nice setting for a couple of press photos. Never …

  • Apostolos

    The founder of 4sqwifi, Apostolos – also known as apas – needed a couple of simple portraits for a Greek weekly he is being mentioned in, so we went to the park on a winter day and took some shots.

  • Neuer Wind: Promo shots

    Promo shots of Robi Faustmann and Band on the set of their video “Neuer Wind” Vienna, October 2010